2003 Vintage

Teachworth Napa Valley 2003:

This was our largest harvest to date: four tons of ripe, flavorful fruit that yielded 71/2 barrels of the best Teachworth Cabs yet!.

After a warm and dry February and March, April was the coldest, wettest on record for Calistoga. Bud break was first observed on Saint Patty’s Day, with flowering occuring late in May. The summer weather was unusual in that we had some humid days and even had some rain aqccompanied by lightning and thunder! Rare indeed.

Harvest took place the last week of September, resulting in over 120 days hang time. Sugars were high with some raisining of the grapes. The result was rich, ripe, delicious fruit. Crush started at dawn and the pickiing was over in less than two hours. Since this was our second crush at the new winery, we had our routine down pat. We sorted slowly and carefully and could afford to be very selective because of the large harvest. The result was fantastic wine.

Barrel sampling during the thirty months of aging in our cool, damp cave told us we had a wine in the making that exceeded the three previous vintages. You’ll love it!